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The Parent-l List is a forum for discussing issues related to breastfeeding
and parenting the nursing baby or child. There is somewhat of an
emphasis on extended nursing and attachment parenting,
but all experiences are considered valid and all mothers supported.
Parent-l was first established on Dec 25, 1994 and has run
continuously since then.

It does change, but the essentials will remain the same.

The topics for discussion vary widely, and include subjects related
to life with a nursing toddler or baby, nursing during pregnancy,
tandem nursing, societal attitudes towards breastfeeding, weaning,
and any other related topics.

It is the hope of many recipients of this list that one day all
mothers will make their feeding choices in an environment of love
and support, based on factual information provided to them by their
chosen health practitioner not misinformation provided for dubious
commercial or other reasons.

This list is intended for supporting breastfeeding not for the
canvassing of any particular religious or political ideals except
where they directly affect the right of an individual mother and
baby to breastfeed. This is not the forum for debate for/against
circumcision, immunisation, or abortion, except where questions
arise directly related to breastfeeding. Criticism of
bottle feeding mothers is not acceptable. Advertising of
commercially available products is not acceptable, nor the use of
addresses from the parent-l list for spam email, however
reasoned consumer oriented reviews are welcome.

It is also a forum for supporting successful techniques for
breastfeeding advocacy - not derogatory criticism of agencies
such as La Leche League International, Australian Breastfeeding
Association, Nursing Mothers Counsel, ... Many participants of
this list support the aims and methods of these organisations -
while many may not, however the appropriate place to conduct
such debate is in the fora provided by those agencies. Where
possible the activities of these groups will be supported, and
people are welcome to share contact details for their local
breastfeeding advocacy group.

Mothers in this world have worked since time immemorial. Some
inside, some outside the home, for pay or for free. Some continued
to breastfeed whilst working, some did not. It is not within the
bounds of this list to debate whether anyone - apart from an
individual referring to her/himself - should or should not
work outside the home. The methods and techniques we have used
to support our choices to work and breastfeed whether inside
or outside the home, whether paid or unpaid are welcome topics
of discussion.

Parent-l is a caring and supportive, non-violent virtual community. This is
not the place to promote violent approaches to the discipline of children.

[This traffic warning is no longer current]
Traffic on parent-l is *high*. Please do not ever be afraid to ask for,
or give, support, or to offer general and specific answers to
questions/problems or share experiences; however please be careful
to snip replies and be brief where possible. Information for
individuals only should be sent directly to the individual concerned,
and "great post" etc mail is best sent direct as well. Also, if
someone has said what you wanted to, perhaps if you must post, it
would be better to send it directly to the individual.

While there is no specific posting limit for any individual, please
remember that diversity is one of the strengths of this list, and
no one person needs to answer every question.

Many people cannot read them, and they take up a *lot* of space in the
digests. Please set your mailer (and get your mail gateway fixed if
necessary) so that it does not send attachments automatically.

It is not acceptable to gate parent-l to a bulletin board, newsgroup,
or other electronic forum without the owners express permission.

Posts to parent-l must be cleared with the individual author(s) before
passing on to any other person or forum. It is not appropriate to
use this information in newsletters, magazines, or public presentations
without the express permission of the individual author(s). Nor is it
acceptable to use this information to confront hospitals or medical
practitioners whose practices are at odds with individual views of
subscribers to this list.

The exception to this is is where material originates from another
source, and that has been explicitly posted. In that case it may be
necessary to trace that material back to the source.

It is offensive to collect and use parent-l email addresses for the purposes of sending
unsolicited advertising material and the associated parties will be removed from the list.


AP Attachment Style Parenting/Parent
ABM artificial baby milk (also called Synthetic Infant Nutrition, or
BF breastfeeding/breastfed
BTDT been there done that (I've had that experience)
BTW by the way
BM breastmilk; sometimes bowel movement, brain mush (contextual)
CTTD cute things they do (usually referring to one's children)
CTTS cute things they say (ditto)
DH darling/dear husband (also dopey, dumb depending on context)
DIL daughter in law
EBF extended breast feeding
EBM expressed breastmilk
FAQ frequently asked/answered questions
FB family bed
FIL father in law
FYI for your information
GIL grandfather/grandmother in law
ILs in laws
LOL laughing out loud
MIL mother in law
NFP natural family planning
OT off topic (see charter above), see pumpkins ;)
ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLOL rolling on the floor laughing out loud
SAH stay at home (as in mother/father)
SIL sister/son in law
TIA thanks in anticipation/advance
UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund
WHO World Health Organisation
WOH work outside home (as in mother/father)
YMMV your mileage may vary (your experience may differ)

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